Emotional Support Services

Free Emotional Support


In alignment with the COVID-19 Continuity Plan, the district will utilize its partnership with Black Family Development and Wayne Metro to promote mental health services for our students, parents and staff. The district will also use its counseling and social work resources to provide assistance. Telephone hot-lines have been established to allow Raiders to call in and obtain mental health supports.  Please review the office hours below to call in and/ or schedule a time that is convenient for you!

If none of these times fit your personal availability, please contact Mrs. Stephens to schedule an alternate time.

Ms. Pearl of BFDI
M/W 9a-11a

Ms. Davis of BFDI
M 9a-11a W 9a- 1p


Ms. Matthews of BFDI
M 9a-12/ 2p-5p  T 2p-5p  F all day

Mrs. Stephens, District Social Worker
Tuesday 2p-4p  
586- 307-5459.

Ms. Turner, Director of Guidance and Counseling
Thursday 11a-2p