Time Capsule

Time Capsule Activity

While we are learning remotely and stuck at home, it can be difficult to find joy. In the link below, you will find a pritable time capsule with prompts so that you can identify good things about this lock down, express how you are feeling, and save memories for better days. 

At a time where so many things seem to be going wrong, it is important to take time out to find the GOOD! Even if that good is something minor like the sun shining or having a hot meal. By doing this, we train our brain to be more optimistic (look on the bright side) and less pessimistic (always find the terrible things). 

The link below is meant for smaller children, but I encourage any teens or adults seeing this to use it as a guide. You can journal the prompts, make a scrap book, a photo album on social media, WHATEVER! Just take intentional time to find the good memories.

I hope you enjoy this activity! Stay safe! Stay happy!